You always finish everything you start, right?


I. love. this. post.  Yet another take on how the lamestream media, this time in the form of the Administration's Press, spins news and statistics:

Once again, a reporter from the Associated Press, aka the Administration’s Press, has told a major fib about the situation in the new-home construction industry, thereby vastly exaggerating its degree of improvement — claiming a 60% surge during the past nearly 3-1/2 years when it has been 15% at most.

Today’s figures from the Census Bureau on housing starts weren’t terrible, but they surely weren’t cause for major optimism — except at the AP, where Martin Crutsinger cited “steady progress in the housing recovery” and committed the same serious mistake other AP writers have made (examples herehere, and here), namely pretending that the term “housing starts” has the same meaning as “home construction.”...

...Over a year ago, someone who is now a former AP reporter tried to claim in a conversation that treating “home construction” as identical to “housing starts” is okay because the average reader, listener, or viewer doesn’t really understand what “housing starts” are. Give me a flippin’ break. Equating the terms is misleading and deceptive. How much more obvious can it be?...

That says it all, doesn't it?  The media believe that lying is OK because people are stupid.


Absolutely read the whole thing.