What could possibly go wrong?

Voter fraud? Nah, never happen....

At the NYDN:

Losing your home doesn't mean losing your right to vote.
Up until Friday's deadline, NYC Votes! and the city Department of Homeless Services will provide voter registration help at 230 facilities across Gotham.
The latest census data available from Homeless Services, gathered last Thursday, showed just over 46,000 people in shelters, including 26,492 adults and 19,579 kids....
...Misconceptions about voting while homeless abound both among the general public and within the homeless population, Diamond said. When residents do find out they're eligible to cast a ballot, they're often surprised -- and pleased.
"People in shelter want to go to work and be part of our democracy," he said. "They're very happy [for] this [to] be another one of the things they can take part in." While no dollar figure for the registration drive was available, Diamond called it "a modest investment -- but I think it'll have a huge payoff."...
I'll bet.

Voter Registration Brochure 2012