Welcome to the asylum...

...these people are crazy like a fox.

Hmmm....in the Elmira Star-Gazette but not the (print) Ithaca Journal.  I'm sure it's only because it's not a local story:

A Virginia-based energy company is planning to build an $800 million natural gas-fired power plant near Asylum Township in Bradford County.

The company, Moxie Energy, wants to capitalize on the Northern Tier's natural gas resources and the skilled workforce that has developed around the natural gas drilling industry that's taking hold in the area...

[....] The power plants will be fueled only by natural gas, with no diesel oil back-up, the company says. They will not require water source typically used for cooling needs...

Of course, it kinda is a local story, but one you're not hearing much about these days...from winter 2010:

Jim Houghton

In Cornell's new combined heat and power plant, turbines fired by natural gas will generate electricity, then waste heat from the turbines will make steam to produce even more. Exhaust from the steam turbines is still hot enough to circulate through underground tunnels and warm radiators all over the campus. 

Imagine all these silly people thinking that natural gas is clean burning and that there's lots of it (h/t Tom wink).


Didn't Cornell's President Skorton pledge that this facility would not use natural gas produced by hydrofracking?

He very well may have, although I couldn't find that quote in a real quick look. I think this particular post had more to do with natural gas as an energy source than fracking per se. And I don't know how fungible natural gas is--even if fracked gas is chemically distinguishable from gas obtained by other methods (and I'm guessing it is), how diligent is Cornell going to be in this regard? Quien sabe?