Tale of Two Towns

Election districts 4, 8, and 9 in blue

In the Town of Dryden, Sumner, Lavine and Solomon were elected by a progressive, anti-fracking machine in the south-west corner of Dryden.  There, in election districts 4, 8 and 9, which are closest to Cornell and Ithaca, the Dems polled at a rate of 4 or 5 to 1, giving the Dems a roughly 60%/40% overall win over their Republican rivals.  

In the rest of the town (unshaded at right), the difference between the supervisor candidates was just 3 votes, Republicans Jim Drew and Deb Shigley outpaced the strident anti-fracking candidate, Linda Lavine, and Solomon's margin was just 9 votes.

Ironically, the blue districts of the town are those less likely to be of interest to the gas industry because of dense development, surface topology, stream setbacks and underground geology.

Going forward, we'll keep and eye on how the FUD (fear, uncertantity, doubt) campaign plays against accumulating, actual drilling experience.  And we'll watch how the new board deals with ongoing fiscal issues.  Will the blue machine hang together? Stay tuned.



Dear RJM, It seems you'd like to divide the Town of Dryden by segregating the town into "pro" vs. "anti" sides, and shading in 3 districts that appear to be only a quarter to a third of the town. But you'd be wrong. The anti-fracking sentiment is strong ALL OVER Dryden. I personally talked with voters across Dryden, Republicans as well as people from other parties and no party, who wanted lawn signs for the Democratic candidates and for the ban. Republicans even made phone calls to help the Democratic candidates and donated to the Democrats' campaign. The Democrats out-performed their registration advantage in this election; they could only do that by pulling in unaffiliated and Republican voters in significant numbers. Do most readers of this website not know that districts 4, 8, and 9 are "closest to Cornell and Ithaca"? I suspect they do. I also suspect that RJM only decided to point that out in order to define the anti-drilling voters as "other", as "not really part of Dryden". I'm tired of these attempts to create division. Dryden is all of us, period.

Zero comments? You had a comment, sent in last night. Why won't you post it?

The data is out there for anyone to look at. http://www.tompkins-co.org/boe/Additional_Information/Past_Results_files/2011/Past_Results_2011.htm If reporting it is divisive, what of characterizing the "other" as only seeing life as money, profit, self interest and the accumulation of wealth? http://oneofnine.info/content/we-say-american-english-wtf