"In the state of New Hampshire, they don't require it."

What is it they don't require?  Voter ID.  Guess where else they don't require it?  You got it.  But here you do have to sign your name (or somebody's name) in a book and that fixes everything, doesn't it?

Normally, I would link to a video on YouTube, but guess what? It's not there anymore (shades of the video of Phelim McAleer discrediting Gasland's Josh Fox).  But you can see it in this post at New Zeal, "Zombie Vote: Dead People Given Ballots in New Hampshire Primary."  

And in case you think that requiring voter ID is unreasonable, unnecessary, racist, or otherwise disenfranchising, here's a handy reminder of situations in which ID is generally required to be shown:

Just sayin'.

h/t Tom