Parting shot

See Tom Reynolds' letter in today's Tompkins Weekly (pg.6):

It’s an established economic principle that raising taxes during a recession hurts the economy; Obamacare creates over twenty new taxes.  Wendy Long and Tom Reed will repeal Obamacare while Gillibrand and Shinagawa blindly hold true to their party line.

One Obamacare tax is on medical technology, the key to medical progress.  Does Shinagawa believe taxing innovation will encourage it? 
The “Bush Tax cuts” are decade old tax rates that are about to expire and continuing them merely keeps taxes at current levels.  Not extending them is a tax increase! Gillibrand and Shinagawa will vote against established economic principles, while Reed and Long will vote sound economic policy.
Shinagawa and Gillibrand’s economic knowledge centers around the talking point, “Tax the rich”.  It’s been shown without serious contradiction (because it’s true) that taxing the rich will not significantly help the national deficit.  Long and Reed understand that the way to balance the budget is a strong overall economy which creates many times more tax revenue than a talking point.    
With the national debt and the annual deficit soaring, Gillibrand and Shinagawa want to focus on birth control, which is a non-issue for everyone but Democratic candidates looking to escape the Obama economy. Long and Reed focus on spending control, balancing the budget and reining in a runaway government headed for a fiscal cliff.
Gillibrand’s crowning achievement is the STOCK Act, which deals with insider trading by members of Congress. Unfortunately for citizens NOT serving in Congress, it is ineffective and easily bypassed. Gillibrand’s crowning achievement is just business as usual.
We need serious people like Tom Reed and Wendy Long.  They understand sound economic principles and that Congress should play by the same rules as everyone else.  Their opponents seem to be economically illiterate and capable only of parroting partisan talking points.
Tom Reed for Congress and Wendy Long for US Senate!