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Obama’s Plea to Flood Congress With Calls Backfires

in One Member’s Office

Rep. James Lankford (R-OK) said his office is fielding significantly more phone calls today following President Obama’s prime-time plea [Monday] night. But many constituents are relaying the opposite message from what Obama asked them to deliver on the debt-limit debate...

[....] Earlier today Heritage Action asked its supporters to call Congress in opposition of Speaker John Boehner’s new plan. The White House is also facing a flood of phone calls, led in part by the American Action Network.

Lankford, a freshman lawmaker who represents Oklahoma’s 5th District, spoke at Heritage today for The Bloggers Briefing. He echoed the call of many conservatives, saying he didn’t come to Washington to strike a deal, but rather find a solution to the debt crisis.

“The frustration is there’s a whole group of people focused on Aug. 2,” Lankford said. “And quite frankly, Aug. 2 doesn’t solve it either way. Aug. 2 comes and goes and we move from $14.3 trillion in debt to a potential $17 trillion worth of debt. … That’s not solving the problem.”

And I'll bet Lankford's office isn't the only one where this is happening.