The masks are starting to slip

Last spring, we spent a fair number of bits on the NY-26 race in which Dem Kathy Hochul won and replaced Republican Chris Lee who had resigned because of—well, never mind.

Hochul seemed surprised at the pushback from her constituents yesterday.  Oh my:

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:

This claim from Hochul is categorically false:

“We’re not gonna agree on this one. I’m gonna tell you that I will stand for our religious freedoms. But I don’t see a conflict here. Now that there’s been an accommodation that says religious institutions do not have to provide these services. So we’re just going to have to disagree on that.”
They still have to provide insurance to their employees that includes free contraception and abortifacients.  Who pays for the insurance?  The religious organizations that get forced to facilitate those transactions, since they can no longer opt out of offering the insurance and must pay a large part of the premiums — and in some cases, the religious organizations self-insure, which means the money comes directly out of their pockets rather than indirectly.  Either way, they most certainly still do have to “provide these services.”  Hochul either is woefully misinformed or willfully lying to her constituents.
Beware.  People like Kathy Hochul are not your grandma's Democrats.