Makin' gnocchi

Oh my.  We knew about the barroom brawl but this is pretty interesting.  At the Buffalo News:

Erie County Conservatives dealt a major blow to State Sen. Mark J. Grisanti's re-election hopes Thursday evening by spurning the Buffalo Republican and endorsing Democrat Charles M. Swanick.
In a move that could ultimately determine which major party controls the State Senate, the often-influential minor party denied its line to Grisanti and reunited with Swanick, a longtime Conservative friend who served 26 years in the County Legislature before retiring in 2005...
..."Chuck Swanick is pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-Second Amendment and a fiscal conservative," said Erie County Conservative Chairman Ralph C. Lorigo.
"I understand the argument made to us that the Republican Senate may hang in the balance," he said. "Unfortunately, a number of people on my board feel the Republican Senate has not been there for the job we expect them to do."
Though Grisanti and his wife, Maria, have been the subject of national media scrutiny in recent days following their involvement in a Feb. 10 brawl at the Seneca Niagara Casino, the incident appears to have carried little weight in Thursday's decision.
Lorigo said Grisanti raised the sharpest Conservative ire for breaking his promise not to vote for same-sex marriage and voting to impose a "millionaires tax" that the chairman said was disguised as a middle-class tax break.
"Clearly to Conservatives, it was a tax hike," Lorigo said...
Well. Do Conservatives and Democrats make strange bedfellows? Maybe not so strange. Old Italian proverb: ya make gnocchi with the dough ya got.
Related: In Saratoga County, State Senator Roy McDonald (R-Wilton) has lost the support of his hometown Republican committee in the Town of Wilton. And in a letter to the editor at the Troy Record:
...Sen. McDonald apparently expects Republican committee members to gather petition signatures for him and to put up his lawn signs...Sen. McDonald's record of raising taxes, supporting big government, and caving in to liberal special interests is an embarrassment to our party, so why should any of us lift a finger to support him?
If Rensselaer County Republicans are going to be asked to help get a candidate elected, we deserve to have that candidate be someone who votes and stands for our values...When we start carrying petitions next month, let’s make sure we do it for a state Senate candidate...who shares our conservative Republican principles. If we want people to start voting Republican again, then our party needs to start standing for something again.
Other Republican state senators might want to pay attention.
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I'm as unhappy with RINOS as much as any Republican. But, the correct remedy is to have Republican primary opponents, not to support Democrats. Part of my reasoning is that control of the State Senate is essential. Electing a conservative Democrat may switch some votes favorably, but organizing the Senate is the best way to check the Sheldon Silver crowd. I'm not ready to risk one party rule in Albany to get rid of RINOS. Party primaries seem to me to be the better way. Work from within the party rather than outside it.