Let's not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

Mercifully, while we bitter clingers at Redneck Mansion here in greater metro Moonbatville have been otherwise engaged, The Lonely Conservative and company have been covering the energy beat....

Funny—Ayn Rand said this would happen:

Ronnie Bryant, the owner of a coal mine, showed up for a town hall style meeting on environmental justice in Alabama and after listening to all of the griping and complaining he made up his mind on how to proceed. He’s going Galt.


But is Atlas actually shrugging?  One of LC's contributors who frequently writes on energy development issues, Unlikely Hospitalist, has a different take:

Highlighted by the Lonely Conservative herself is the untenable position that Ronnie Bryant finds himself. Reaching his wits end, he has decided to call it quits and throw in the towel. You could say he is going Galt and that may indeed be an apt description, but Mr. Bryant is quitting before the fight has been waged. These environmental activists are vocal, well financed fools and hypocrites who exert their influence through intimidation. They cannot win the arguments on the basis of fact or science and are left emotional gamesmanship to manipulate the masses....

Gee...do you think there's an alternative to this approach available? At the Dryden Safe Energy Coalition's website, it says that group's mission is

To offer balanced, data driven information on safe energy development, to logically and numerically evaluate benefit-to-risk ratios, free of emotional bias or ideology, and to bring together people interested in an analytical approach to energy issues.

But I digress...

...We are on the cusp of victory over an environmental lobby flush with cash and short on argument. The fight now is a political one and in spite of all the rhetoric, New Yorkers are anxious for an economic revival and cheap gas. Be strong, hassle your representatives and senators and don’t be afraid to speak out. There is plenty of time to go Galt, but don’t quit while the battle is being won...

Read the whole thing.

And lastly (for now):

We’re surrounded by so many stupid people who buy into the crap the left is spewing, but we’ll never see them turn off their power. Where the heck do they think it comes from?

So, Dryden residents, turn up the heat on our elected representatives. They intend to vote Tuesday, August 2nd, on the proposed amendment to the existing town zoning ordinance, an amendment that bans all energy development and associated activities (not just fracking per se) in the town:

Mary Ann Sumner, Dryden Town Supervisor: supervisor@dryden.ny.us

David Makar, Dryden Town Board member: dmakar@dryden.ny.us

Jason Leifer, Dryden Town Board member: jleifer@dryden.ny.us

Steve Stelick, Dryden Town Board Member: sstelick@dryden.ny.us

Joe Solomon, Dryden Town Board member:  jsolomon@dryden.ny.us


Thanks for the links. I just linked back. Good luck with the vote.

Thanks for the link and indeed good luck with the vote. We in the town of Otsego couldn't muster the political courage, but our vote was very early in the argument when the outspoken greenies were dictating the debate. This is now changing. Be strong and stand with science. You have more supporters than you know!