Hot and Not

cheerleadersFrom experience, I can say that as the season changes it can sometimes be a challange to get youngsters to plan ahead and dress appropriately for a cold day.  So, out with Youngest Daughter for Cornell football, it was nice to see the cheerleading squad and the Big Red Band decked out in warmer clothes on a blustery, rainy afternoon.
Youngest Daughter took the point without any words from me, and was even looking askance at the odd college student shivering in thin capris.
* *
We had parked in the campus garage, and walked out on the second level to head to the game.  The second level of the garage has an auto entrance, but no exit.  A young woman who had just parked her car was walking near us and looked at the one-way entrance she had just used.
"How will I get out of the garage later?", she asked us.  
I explained that the exit was down one level, on the other side of the building. 
"Oh... which way is down?", she asked.