Going with the Flo

Like Flo in those car insurance commercials? No? You're not alone. Great post at South of 5 and 20:

Progressive Insurance is owned by billionaire insurance heir Peter Lewis, sugar daddy to many radical leftist causes, primarily Obama's presidential campaign.  So we should not be surprised that the saccharine Flo wants you to install a big-brother "Snapshot" device that connects your car directly to Progressive's headquarters.  The pitch is that you'll get a discount on your insurance rate.  The unstated catch is that Progressive will collect a record of when and where you drive and how fast you drove to get there.  Running a little late for that gun club meeting?  Flo knows.

And EDRs (Event Data Recorders) will be mandatory in 2015.

Read more about the brave new world we have to look forward to. Sounds peachy, doesn't it?

They don't call it Progressive Insurance for nothing.