Fair and balanced?

This story from WKTV-Utica from mid-July has some landowners both in NYS and in Bradford County, PA pretty steamed:

The landowners from both PA and NYS we met with in northeastern PA recently not only adamantly denied that the claims made in this report are true—and indeed made the case that the claims are demonstrably false—but were not happy with the NYS residents that they say come down in groups, not just to poke around Bradford and Susquehanna Counties looking for evidence of animals keeling over within two steps after drinking "contaminated" water, but to disrupt meetings of PA landowner groups. I was embarrassed to be a New Yorker.

And we saw some indirect evidence of the unwelcome presence of NYS anti-development people in Susquehanna County in the distinctly hostile behavior of a landowner when he spotted us in a vehicle with New York tags taking pictures of his land being prepared for drilling.  Can't say that I blame him—it's hard to imagine what he's had to put up with from the "anti's".

WKTV was supposed to do a follow-up to this story to provide some balance, but I couldn't find any evidence that they had in fact done so.  If someone knows of such a thing, please pass it along in the comments.

It would appear that it doesn't matter what you say as long as you're impeding progress.

UPDATE: Thanks to NY Shale Gas Now for the link to the follow-up story at WKTV that came about "after CNY landowners complained about the coverage":


Here's what they did after CNY landowners complained about the coverage: http://www.wktv.com/news/local/Some-Chenango-County-residents-say-theyre-seeing-benefits-of-hydrofracking-126213573.html