(Electoral) college pranks

AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens—a conservative alternative to AARP—has a post re: the attempt to recall Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker on Tuesday, June 5th:

...In only the 3rd time in our nation’s history, a sitting governor has been the focus of a recall election. Millions of dollars in union and democrat funds have zeroed in on the Governor to throw him out of office. Thousands of out of state workers have been brought in by democrat supporters to gather signatures and register new voters.

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz said: “The Wisconsin recall race is a “dry run” for November”...

So this is a big deal.

Interestingly, an organization called the Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama, based in (of all places) Sacramento, has put this PowerPoint up:

EXPOSED: WI Democrats' Plan to Smear Conservative & Gov. Walker!                                                                            

According to the Campaign to Defeat Obama,

This election is critically important.  If Gov. Walker loses, he will not only be ousted, but his Republican Lieutenant Governor could be ousted.  And on top of that 4 Republican State Senators are subject to RECALL and if we lose 2 of those races, then Republicans lose control of the State Senate and the Left can completely block Gov. Walker's agenda.
But, even more than that - if the RECALL succeeds and Gov. Walker is removed from office, it will be a huge boost to Barack Obama's efforts to steal away Wisconsin's 10 Electoral Votes in the November presidential election.
Now isn't that fascinating?

But as for the Campaign to Defeat Obama being based in (of all places—did I say that already?) Sacramento, here's some more news you can use...Allahpundit writes in a Hot Air post entitled, "Oh my: Obama now below 50% against Romney — in California":

Even in the bluest of blue states, he’s now treading water at 48 percent, still comfortably ahead of Romney but unable to grab a majority even in Cali. Big deal or no? Banish the thought from your mind that Romney has a chance of winning there. He doesn’t — although don’t hold me to that if we get another three or four jobs reports that look like today’s. No, the potential significance of this and the reason why there’s some buzz about it among righties on Twitter is that it’s circumstantial evidence that The One might be starting to collapse nationally. That’s John Ellis’s point about the Wisconsin recall, after all: If Walker wins big there, then it may be a sign that a decisive national shift is already under way.


Pay attention, everybody. The fun is just beginning.

h/t Tom