Big Deal

Here is a finished well pad, near Dimock.
I'm no Joe Biden, and this is no big effin' deal.

Finished Well Pad

It's not really fair for the Ithaca Journal to be publishing "before" pictures of the well being drilled without also printing the "after" pictures.  Just a few weeks later, many well pads aren't visual pollution.  
Honestly... this is heavy industry?

h/t Tom


Thank you for trying to shed some light on the truth about Dimock. As many of the other 1495 residents know, many of the continued allegations of bad water by a few people is for the "benefit" of New Yorkers. Honestly, while there are those who don't like the gas drilling industry, there are many more who do. Among other things, we talk about being able to send our children to college and the possibility of them being able to come back to work in the community they grew up. We love the town of Dimock, we just have not enjoyed having the town's name being slammed all over the media and being used as the anti-drill's poster child. We are not a waste land and our water is not bad. There was methane migration, but for those who have accepted the mitigation procedures, they have been made whole. Those who have refused have an agenda of their own - money to be made from a frivolous lawsuit and enjoyment of the spotlight.