Artistes: our moral and intellectual superiors

I just remarked to a friend that I felt as though I were living through the decline and fall of the Roman Empire (trust me, you don't want to know the context).  But a case in point:

The mass-marketing of profanity just won't stop. Now it's topping the best-selling book list -- in children's picture books. You might have heard by now that there's a "subversive" little bedtime book for adults. It should not be read to children. It's called "Go the F-- to Sleep."

...The publisher of "Go" is Akashic Books, a small purveyor of "urban literary fiction," which is a fancy way of saying "junk." 

...Canongate's Francis Bickmore says the book is so clever and "resonant" with "such a strong sense of voice." What idiocy.

...There are critics, they briefly acknowledge, but the author bizarrely claims that none of them are parents. Clearly, he doesn't get out of his own bubble much. An ungenerous person would point out that some of these hostile bouquets of "radical honesty" sound like verbal abuse. Most parents have these selfish feelings inside their own heads. But if you heard a parent say to a small child, "F---- your stuffed bear, I'm not getting you s--," you'd probably think they could use a parenting class or two.

...Is it getting too serious to decry a book like "Go the Bleep to Sleep"? After all, if it takes two minutes to read it, it might take two minutes to forget it. Is this just a faddish product you can only package and sell once? Perhaps. But best-sellers like this suggest people have a love affair with profane rants, and that profanity sells, and sells very well. Such garbage could end up defining a culture.


Good Lord.