An army of Davids

Back when I was just wee little—back when the frackosaurs roamed the earth—if I was starting to get a little too full of myself, my sainted mother would say, "SPS."  That stood for "self-praise stinks," something you don't hear of too much these days with all the emphasis on self-esteem.  But sometimes you just have to toot your own horn.  At The Lonely Conservative:

We stay up late, get little sleep, and most of us have day jobs. Some of us have families, too. (And naughty little dogs.) We aren’t in this for the money. If we were, John Hawkins would be right about the death of conservative blogging...

[....] Thanks to Donald Douglas for pointing out this piece by George Scaggs noting that we the tired, the unpaid and under-appreciated are today’s free press...

[....] don’t forget to visit the fine blogs listed in my sidebar over there to the right. You knowAn Army of Davids and all of that.

Be sure to read the whole thing.

And One of Nine is in that "sidebar over there to the right" at The Lonely Conservative in the "Blogs of Upstate New York" block, as is PoliNation (also from Dryden) and South of 5 and 20.

Just sayin'.