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In the shadow of Frackingstock


Not so epic?

I'm right in the shadow of the "epic" "Frackingstock" , which is taking place right across the Six Mile Creek valley from Redneck Mansion.  A great time for a compendium of stories from our Finger Lakes area colleagues...

There is lots of discussion about today's WSJ piece, The Facts about Fracking which responds to the anti-fracking hysteria with some common sense and perspective.  Read it all, and the comments.

The question for the rest of us is whether we are serious about domestic energy production. All forms of energy have risks and environmental costs, not least wind (noise and dead birds and bats) and solar (vast expanses of land). Yet renewables are nowhere close to supplying enough energy, even with large subsidies, to maintain America's standard of living. The shale gas and oil boom is the result of U.S. business innovation and risk-taking. If we let the fear of undocumented pollution kill this boom, we will deserve our fate as a second-class industrial power.

Lonely Conservative wonders why the public employee unions don't get behind fracking.

In Why They Oppose Fracking, South of 5 and 20 mines the comments to find what is really going on.

Strange bedfellows:  Our Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton and State Senator Jim Seward team up (read the comments) to throw bones to the anti-fracking zealots.

Marcellus protestors just don't get it.  Make them ban the use of natural gas where they ban drilling for it.

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