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NY-26 is far away -- you have to go over, under, around or through the lakes to get there.  And yet the reasons for the loss of a red congressional seat seem so close.

From NRO:

Corwin was probably the best choice of the three candidates running — but her failure to stand on principle [about free trade] is what caused a safe Republican seat to fall into the hands of a liberal Democrat tonight.

From Erick Erickson at Red State:

Cuomo cut an ad for Hochul. Hochul’s been blasting Corwin for not supporting Cuomo’s agenda, which amounts to running to Corwin’s right on spending.

From The Other McCain:

In the middle of a recession, why would you nominate an heiress for Congress? Not to play class-warfare here, but do you really think that it helps the GOP win over hard-pressed blue-collar voters when you run a candidate who inherited part of a $400 million fortune? You think folks can relate to that?

Conservatives have a powerful fiscal message, one that will increasingly resonate as the debt-fueled economy inevitably crashes.  But Repubs, Tea Party types and others on the right need to decide who they are and have the courage to stand on their principles if they want the electorate to believe that they are serious.  Trying to find a moderate position is a trap.  Conservatives won't believe you and the takers will go for the one that offers more candy.  Stand up for sound principles now, so that when it hits the fan, the people who are looking for adult leadership will know where you are.

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