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False Flag Tea Party Candidate in NY-26?

At Legal Insurrection:

Jane Corwin is a conservative Republican candidate in the May 24 special election in NY-26 to fill the seat vacated by Chris Lee, and should be well-positioned to win.

But, as has happened before, someone has grabbed a Tea Party line on the ballot without any Tea Party background, threatening to split the vote.  As reported by Politico, Jack Davis petitioned his way onto the ballot:

Davis, who ran a failed campaign as a Democrat for the seat as a Democrat in 2006, waged a petition-gathering campaign to get on the ballot for the May 24 special election after initially seeking out the GOP nomination. Davis, who has said he is willing to spend as much as $3 million of his own money in the race, turned in more than 12,000 petitions to local election officials earlier this week, far more than the 3,500 needed to qualify.

Davis is a spoiler, does not represent the Tea Party movement or conservatives, and his campaign is being run a self-described progressive operative....

Read the whole thing.

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