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NYS Education Department bars a knowledgeable employee from talking about fracking

Great piece that was the "Post of the Day," Scientific Dissent Is Not Patriotic - Hydrofracking Editionover at Legal Insurrection:

Recently I highlighted the thoughts of Taury Smith, New York state's official geologist and self described liberal democrat. In an article posted at the Times Union Mr. Smith argued that the "spin was on" with regard to hydraulic fracturing. He argued that years of research did not support the rhetoric being presented by the opponents of "hydrofracking." That the cited problems are exaggerated and overblown. That true environmentalists should be in strong support of the increased use of natural gas as it is overall much better for the environment than coal and oil.
He of course committed the cardinal sin of liberalism and thought for himself. Predictably this has put him in some hot water with environmentalists. The course of action is not to debate the facts, but instead smear the messenger. Within four days of the original article voices of opposition have their say....
[....] While character assassination is the predictable outcome for someone speaking out of turn, the tragic irony here is that Mr. Smith has been silenced by the New York State Department of Education. This is the department that oversees the New York State Museum geology unit that is now prohibiting Mr. Smith from speaking with reporters, or take calls on the matter....
Do read the whole thing.
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