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This week's Captain Renault award

The headline at the Ithaca Journal: "Living a lavish lifestyle, New York politicians ensnared in corruption." 

Although in Albany there's always plenty of blame to go around, this week's corruption story focused on State Sen. Carl Kruger. From the Journal:

ALBANY -- They are supposed to be public servants, but some state lawmakers continue to try to live like they are wealthy millionaires on the public's dime -- and have been charged criminally for it.

Sen. Carl Kruger, D-Brooklyn, was charged this week for taking $1 million in bribes to fund a lavish lifestyle... 

[....] "The reason the legislature in Albany think they can actually get away with this is because there is no cop on the beat deterring it," said Barbara Bartoletti, legislative director for the League of Women Voters of New York State.

Ah, yes, the LWV. Pure as the driven snow.  No agenda there.

So while the cries for ethics reform increase in volume (again), and while no one is suggesting that corruption in Albany is a good thing, you have to be careful what you wish for where "good government" groups are concerned.  The indispensable Jazz Shaw at Hot Air:

...Progressive watchdog group Citizen Action was quick like a bunny on the story.

[....] The current mission of Citizen Action in New York is to push for public financing of elections. They were enraged by the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United and don’t want a bunch of well financed people, “stealing your democracy.”...

But despite some financial hanky-panky of its own in the past, least Citizen Action is out there today, fighting the good fight to make sure nobody steals your democracy. Of course, there seems to be a limit on their concerns over what may or may not be stolen from you. When two consecutive governors tried to place a cap on the amount of taxes New Yorkers could have picked from their pockets, (did I mention these were both Democratic governors?) Citizen Action was right there leading the charge… to stop them.

[....] ’m not here to claim that Kruger is anything unusual or that New York Republicans haven’t had their fair share of scandals and corruption. This is the Empire State, after all, and I’ve lived here for a long time. But stories like this and the hand wringing over campaign financing by certain groups has to leave you shaking your head.

Read the whole thing.

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