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The value of an education, continued

In a college-riddled area like this, it's hard not to notice higher-education-related stories.  Kathy Shaidle at Five Feet of Fury has a series of posts she calls "College is a waste of time and money. Drop out." I'd like to think I'm a little smoother than that but when I see something like this, I understand why she approaches the topic the way she does.  I would embed the video but it's probably NSFW.  Even Van at Moonbattery says:

Moonbat college students proclaim that they have sex; therefore your money should be diverted by the government to the highly profitable abortion mill Planned Parenthood. As always with liberal productions, the language isn't pretty.

So I'll leave it at this—at Sister Toldjah:

A message from students at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. They write:

In order to “balance the budget” the House of Representatives recently announced the intention to strip all federal funding to Planned Parenthood. This is unacceptable. It’s time to face reality: many young people have sex, and need to know how to stay safe and healthy. Even those who have chosen to wait still need to know how to be safe and healthy when begin their sexual activity. This extreme ideological measure threatens our youth’s ability to choose their own future.

In many parts of America, Planned Parenthood is the only place young people can go to learn about safe sex, access contraceptives, or have a simple question about “down there” answered.

With all the rhetoric centering on “government waste,” Congress’s refusal to close multi-billion dollar corporate tax loopholes and instead eliminate essential, multi-million dollar sexual health programs is beyond hypocritical.

We are starting a student movement to make sure elected leaders know: Americans have sex, and we stand with Planned Parenthood.

John Wesley must be spinning.


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