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Oklahoma City, McVeigh, John Doe 2, & Bill Clinton

This week, mention of the Muslim Brotherhood's presence in the US got some folks exercised.  But If you're old enough, you remember Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. In April of last year, the fifteenth anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, Bill Clinton didn't miss an opportunity to pile on to the left's "Tea-Partiers-as-McVeigh-wannabes" meme:

“There can be real consequences when what you say animates people who do things you would never do,” Mr. Clinton said in an interview, saying that Timothy McVeigh, who carried out the Oklahoma City bombing, and those who assisted him, “were profoundly alienated, disconnected people who bought into this militant antigovernment line.”


You may also remember talk of a "John Doe 2," a third man involved in the OKC bombing, but that seemed to fall off the radar fairly quickly, something I found odd at the time—but ultimately shrugged my shoulders about. After all, not many people were paying attention to al-Qaeda at the time. 

But once again, citizen journalists, oftentimes including people who comment on news stories, are doing the job that "real" journalists—you know, our moral and intellectual superiors—refuse to do.

This story is huge, but because it doesn't fit the narrative, expect to hear crickets chirping in all the lamestream media newsrooms.

From The Patriot Ledger, via Jihad Watch:

QUINCY —It was a routine call for Quincy police about two homeless men fighting. Hussain Al-Hussaini was arrested. The victim was taken to the hospital.

Then came the surprise. Readers commenting on a story about Wednesday’s arrest on The Patriot Ledger’s website noted that a man with the same name was mentioned prominently in a book about the deadly bombing of an Oklahoma City federal building in 1995.

By Thursday afternoon, police had contacted the FBI and spoken to the book’s author.

Jayna Davis, author of the 2004 book “The Third Terrorist: The Middle East Connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing,” said she asked a Quincy police detective if Hussain Al-Hussaini, the man police arrested, had a tattoo of an anchor with a snake wrapped around it. He did. Police sent her a photo of him.

“His age, his name, the picture, the mug shot – that’s him,” Davis told The Patriot Ledger via telephone after speaking with police. She said the anchor-and-snake tattoo was common among members of a branch of the Iraqi army under Saddam Hussein....

A similar story was reported on The Boston Channel and has since been removed.

From 2009, at Republican Riot (via Atlas Shrugs):

[....] On June 11, 2001 — the two-year anniversary of the official “end” of our latest war against Serbs as we fortified “their” enemies — Timothy McVeigh was executed. That night, America closed its eyes and soundly went to sleep. We woke up exactly three months later.

The unanimous glee over McVeigh’s execution had to do not only with the “whiteness” of the terrorist, but also with the fact that he would take his secrets with him — and even the mainstream news accounts at the time revealed that there was much he wasn’t revealing. The public and our law enforcement were happy to not look any deeper, affording ourselves some denial and the illusion of safety. But the attack to take place three months later would lead investigators right back to Bosnia, where five of the 9/11 hijackers trained, fought, or had citizenship — and to Albania and Kosovo.

And thus to the Clinton administration. Read the whole thing.  As for the lamestream media's coverage of this story right from the start?  Cue the crickets.

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