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The value of a college education

From the HuffPo (bet you never thought you'd see that cited here):

Cornell students may soon have a very large reason to rejoice -- and relax.

The Ivy League university, notorious for its intense culture, may put a ban on "surprise" homework assignments over school breaks....


Somehow that must be related to this (at Moonbattery):

Undergraduate tuition at Northwestern University is a pricey $13,280/quarter. For that kind of money, students are not only kept out of their parents' hair, they are also offered cutting edge entertainment:

On Feb. 21, Prof. John Michael Bailey, a psychology professor known for pushing the envelope, invited students from his human sexuality class to observe a non-student naked woman being stimulated with a motorized sex toy on stage, NBC station WMAQ reported....

And the following prescient article, addressed to parents, was written before either of the above transpired:


When you toured the campus and saw the surrounding bars and clubs, when you saw the campus shopping mall that was designed to look like Rodeo Drive, and when you toured the athletic facility that rivals an upscale sports club, did you pause to think that those were not assets to the pursuit of the life of the mind? Of course not! You were impressed. Did you forget that the monks preserved the learning of Western civilization?


You would have been better off giving him the cash to invest and sending him to the Caribbean or Vegas for several weeks every year where he could have indulged his sexual appetites and legally smoked ganja. Financially you would have both been ahead. So too would we.

Now, we have an overly credentialed population carrying an enormous debt.

Just sayin.'

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