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Cap and trade spur growth

No, I haven't taken leave of my conservative senses.  What I mean is: cap property taxes in NYS (as we've mentioned in several earlier posts) and trade more government spending for less.  Heritage has reported:

A considerable volume of cross-country analysis has found no positive impact on economic growth from more government spending. Many studies (see here and here, for example) find that government spending actually hurts growth....

No surprise there.  Here's what they found:

So how does NYS fare when we look at government spending as a function of state GDP?  Well,... you can see, government spending in NYS has for years run well above the 15% of GDP that serves as a line of demarcation between growing economies and those that are stagnant (or worse). If there's to be any hope of slowing or even reversing the loss of productive people and businesses from the state, we're going to have to drastically change how we do things here.

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