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Your tax dollars at work

In today's Ithaca Journal:

Grant to support healthy choices

The Human Services Coalition, in collaboration with Cornell Cooperative Extension and the Tompkins County Health Department, will receive a $1.2 million grant over the next five years to support environmental changes that will reduce obesity and prevent development of diabetes.

Betty Falcao, director of the Health Planning Council of Tompkins County, said the Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work and Play Grant will support changes in environments that can help residents make healthier choices, such as to be more active or eat more fruits and vegetables.

The first two years of the grant will focus on the City of Ithaca and the Town of Dryden.

Examples of changes include promoting the use of neighborhood or community trails, improving accessibility and proximity of residential areas to recreation areas, improving aesthetic or safety aspects of physical environments, and working with local restaurants and stores to add healthier items.

You decide whether or not you think this is good or necessary, but you should at least be aware that the "Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work and Play Grant" is money that comes from the NYS Health Department (i.e., your taxes).  That much ought to have been made clear but wasn't.  OK, now decide.


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