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Seriously?? Fracking vs pressure cookers/bombs? That is something that you feel should be equated? Fracking is likely going to destroy all of our water supplies so that an industry that should be doing more r&d in renewable and clean sources (clean coal doesn't count) can get rich. People in PA are already dealing with this! Their water wasn't flammable before the the fracking started. There's a MAJOR sinkhole in Louisiana that basically destroyed a town because the company was fracking over an unstable salt cavern. Not only did the town disappear (think Centralia, PA but in the south!) but it is now unfit for life in the area because of the oil and natural gas that filled the hole. But sure, let's compare that to pressure cookers. You should be more concerned about the US paper that printed instructions on how to make pressure cooker bombs, or maybe at CNN for telling people how to build them. But no one is talking about regulating pressure cookers. Go look at how many people have died in this country due to terrorism vs how many people have died from gun violence over the last several years.
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