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Channeling Ronald Reagan

Time to toot my own horn as well as Reagan's.  This letter appeared a couple of days ago in the Ithaca Journal:

The Founders fought a revolution and based it on a revolutionary assumption: that people were capable of governing — and caring for — themselves, with everything that entails. Without such a belief, none of the blood spilled and hardships endured in those years would have made any sense.
Do we still hold the same belief? This election is the time to choose, and the contrast is clear.
Do we demand tax reform that restores the real American dream — not a house, broadband internet, and a cell phone, but the ability to go as far as our abilities will take us — or do we continue to immorally redistribute income through progressive taxation?
Do we prefer a maximum of individual freedom consistent with order — or do we want totalitarianism? The hegemony of a colossally inefficient public sector, or a liberated and adaptable private sector?
Do we continue to send taxpayer dollars to countries that are the antithesis of what we’ve stood for? Or do we materially aid only those allies that share our beliefs?
These and other questions are of utmost importance this election. Go vote accordingly.
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