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Ithaca College is NOT a bastion of diversity?

You mean it isn't inclusive?

Yes, that's what I mean. In an age of positively grating identity politics on campuses (and elsewhere), where being as unlike the others as possible is elevated to the level of sainthood, every conceivable group and subgroup comprising the human species is included, tolerated, understood...except for Republicans and conservatives.

Not a news flash to people living in and around a college town, but it's always nice to have data that back up the anecdotal evidence and gut instinct (click on the image to embiggen):


So what group of well-funded subversives came up with this data? The Ithaca College Republicans. You know, students.

From the accompanying paper:

Step onto Ithaca College’s campus, and you can’t help but see the progressive bias. Ithaca College Republicans pointed out this bias in 2003, when they discovered 93.6 percent of faculty in the County of Tompkins were registered Democrats or Greens versus only 6.4 percent Republicans or Conservatives....

...where do we stand nine years later?  We are left with a mission statement, which is merely rhetoric, rather than reality.  In Ithaca College’s mission statement, we are told, “Ithaca College is committed to attracting a diverse body of students, faculty, and staff.”  In updating the study, the Ithaca College Republicans [found] the numbers remain unchanged.  In voter identifying the faculty of Ithaca College in Tompkins County in September of 2012, we have discovered Democrats and Greens to make up 92.1 percent of IC faculty, contrasted with 7.9 percent Republicans and Conservatives.  Although this is 1.5 percent better than it was in 2003, it falls within the margin of error, representing really no change at all...

...In Ithaca College’s strategic vision for the current decade, IC 20/20 Vision and Plan, which was approved in May of 2011, it is stated, “Every Ithaca College student should graduate with a multi-cultural competence that prepares them to live and work effectively and in harmony within a diverse society and an increasingly interdependent global community.” How are we preparing our students to live in a diverse society when we are disregarding the perspective of over 42 percent of the nation’s population?... 

...What is so diverse about a community who all thinks the same?
You can read the whole thing here.
Those outside academe might think this is a tempest in a teapot, merely an internal problem to be solved on campus. But when you consider the volume of taxes at all levels of government that is funneled, directly or indirectly, into colleges and universities—and thereby funneled into the Democratic Party and its alter egos—the dearth of intellectual diversity at these recipients of taxpayer largesse becomes a very big deal for everyone.
For more information about the study, contact Ithaca College Republicans Chair Rob Oliver at (781) 534-2306.
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