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You mean gas drilling isn't the problem?


Via the Lonely Conservative:

TUPPER LAKE — Big Tupper Ski Area will not open this winter. 
The grassroots group Adirondack Residents Intent on Saving our Economy (ARISE) said they lost investment resources to reopen the ski center this season because of a lawsuit filed against developers who own the mountain property....

...Big Tupper is owned by partners of the resort project, whose lead developers are Michael Foxman and Tom Lawson.
But Protect the Adirondacks, the Sierra Club and several Tupper Lake neighbors filed an Article 78 lawsuit charging, among some 30 counts, that APA [Adirondack Park Agency] did not complete wildlife studies before granting resort permits and that APA staff violated hearing rules in communicating with the resort developers after formal hearing testimony closed....
And as long as we're banging our redneck heads against the wall, why don't we run the ol' hypocrisy meter whilst we're at it?
Because that's what this is.  It isn't about the environment...that's just a smokescreen. What it's really about is this:
...There is a war going on in parts of America between impoverished locals and urban elites. These elites are using fraud, exaggeration and celebrity star power to stop rural communities from prospering...
And it doesn't matter how those locals might prosper, whether it be through gas drilling or through the preferred "anti" alternative to industry here in NYS, tourism. But don't worry—the elites will continue to drive in fossil-fuel-powered cars or fly in fossil-fuel-powered planes to their winter vacations at out-of-state ski resorts.
And don't give me any crap about global warming...this winter is going to be actual, you know, winter:
Mark Wysocki with the Northeast Regional Climate Center says don’t expect a repeat of the mild winter we had last year because signals in the Pacific Ocean show that body of water has become warm, and when the Pacific is warm it points to a cold and snowy winter for the Northeastern United States.
Wysocki predicts snowfall for the region will be 3 to 5 inches about the annual average.
The average snowfall for Ithaca is about 69 inches per year.
So, Big Tupper could have had a chance this year but for the caring, compassionate folks at the Sierra Club and their fellow travelers.
Frickin' hypocrites.
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