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Now, Dryden, this is serious business

We here at Redneck Mansion love to solve puzzles...don't you?

One of our favorites is solving rebuses—you know, these things:

Well, there's a new contributor here and her name is (no fair peeking at the end of the post)...


Sacrificing to Save our Environment

As a real environmentalist, pure of heart and mind, I find that many that nominally support my positions protecting our planet are far from true believers.  They persist in living on the electrical grid, drive cars, and they use fossil fuels and products made from petrochemicals in their daily lives while our planet faces imminent destruction from the forces of fracking, the military-industrial complex, and the vast, right-wing conspiracy.

Don’t they realize that we are at risk every day from frequent fracking-caused earthquakes that could split the Earth into pieces?  Our precious and scarce water is absolutely certain to become undrinkable while our atmosphere becomes polluted with greenhouse gases and sea levels and temperatures rise.  If drilling is permitted, Earth will soon become like Venus, a searing hell.  As Al Gore predicted, our cities will be engulfed.  Drilling could suddenly slow down the rotational momentum of our planet, flinging people off into space.  Fracking will destroy our children’s lives.  Josh Fox has only scratched the surface of risk as to what could happen with his telling documentary, Gasland, but he still avoided the awful truth.

But, while I walk or bicycle everywhere, refuse to burn any fossil fuels, won’t pollute the Earth with gases from burning wood, will not kill birds with windmills, hate power that generates nuclear waste, won’t buy anything that contains petrochemicals, or foster the chemical abuse involved in building solar panels, many weak-kneed advocates of saving our planet, such as our county legislators and county chairperson, still do these things.  These pretend environmentalists still buy clothing made of petrochemical fibers instead of natural wool and heat their homes in winter.  Shame on them for not putting the environment first.  We must eliminate every possible risk to our environment even if it means that natural gas deliveries or propane trucks won’t roll up to their houses in the winter and that they will have to walk or bicycle to work on cold winter days.  No matter the sacrifice, they must live as I live, accepting the cold as natural, protecting our world.

It is time our town boards and county legislators passed the necessary legislation to save our area.  So many products sold in our county by big multi-national corporations include petrochemicals, from big-screen televisions to cars to picnic forks.  All should be banned in this county.

There is no room in our county for environmental criminals.  Those who will not live a pure environmental life need to leave the county voluntarily or be expelled for their crimes.  Evict them, first taxing the parasites their entire wealth before they can leave.  Our town board members and county legislators should not be exempt, they should be the first to give up their environmentally destructive and criminal ways.

Town of Dryden


I expect our next contributor's name will be Ethel Esther....

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