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No shirt, no shoes, no problem?

Remember this?

Dingy Harry might have had a problem with "smelly tourists" in the Capitol, but the White House doesn't seem to have a problem with tourists who have no shirt,  no shoes, not even a birth certificate, as long as their parents sign them in:

The White House Visitors Office requires that an unborn child—still residing in utero—must be counted as a full human being when its parents register for a White House tour, according to documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon...

..."It is ironic that President Obama's staff recognizes the existence of unborn babies for purposes of providing security within the White House -- yet, there is no indication that President Obama has any problem with the fact that throughout the District of Columbia, abortion is now legal for any reason up to the moment of birth,” said Douglas Johnson, National Right to Life legislative director...

And what is the case currently in DC may soon be the case here if some NYS legislators get their way. From the NYS Conservative Party:

The following legislative memo was distributed to the Members today:
2012 Legislative Memo in Opposition to Reproductive Health Act
S 2844 - Stewart-Cousins/S 2524 Klein           A 6112- Glick
Purpose: This bill seeks to ensure that abortions are legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy if they are deemed necessary to protect the life or health of the mother. Unfortunately, health has been defined by Courts to mean social, economic and emotional distress factors thereby allowing an abortion until birth for any reason.
Party Position: New York State already has the most permissive abortion laws in the United States of America, but this proposal seeks to expand the "right" to an abortion to the moments just before the birth of a precious child. Current NYS law allows an abortion through 24 weeks; however, if the life of the Mother is at risk, an exception could be made to perform an abortion.   Unfortunately, because of flawed court decisions, (Roe v Wade), this law is not enforceable, which makes abortion through the third trimester for any reason legal in New York.
This bill, however, would allow post-viability abortions in a clinic on an outpatient basis, clinics that are to all intents and purposes unregulated by public health authorities.
This bill also states, "the state shall not discriminate" against the fundamental right to abortion in the "provision of benefits, facilities, services or information", thereby requiring religious organizations to go against their fundamental first amendment rights or close down.
This bill may force successful programs that favor childbirth over abortion to close in order to prevent discrimination lawsuits.
This bill also restricts any reasonable regulations that have been allowed by the US Supreme Court, for example, parental notification, counseling prior to an abortion and restricting taxpayer monies to be used. Many of these reasonable regulations have been adopted by more than 32 states.
Another egregious proposal in this bill allows any health care practitioner to perform abortions. This proposal endangers the life of the mother and possibly the ability to carry a child to full term in the future.
The bill also lifts the age restrictions to purchase the "morning-after pill" at neighborhood drug stores and would allow girls as young as 11 to purchase the pill without the knowledge of their parents.
The NYS Conservative Party is strongly opposed to this bill that expands a woman's ability to have an abortion. Modern society has provided many ways to prevent becoming pregnant; expanding abortion laws only continues to denigrate precious life.
One of the co-sponsors of A 6112 is our own Barbara Lifton.
No, no, Babette...can't you understand? Even your feckless leader BHO thinks that not-yet-born visitors to his home in DC are well, you know, human.
h/t Tom
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