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Solar plexus (n)

"A sharp blow to this region can cause loss of consciousness."

At the LA Times, via Tina Korbe at Hot Air:

AMARGOSA VALLEY, Calif. — April Sall gazed out at the Mojave Desert flashing past the car window and unreeled a story of frustration and backroom dealings.
Her small California group, the Wildlands Conservancy, wanted to preserve 600,000 acres of the Mojave. The group raised $45 million, bought the land and deeded it to the federal government.
The conservancy intended that the land be protected forever. Instead, 12 years after accepting the largest land gift in American history, the federal government is on the verge of opening 50,000 acres of that bequest to solar development.
Even worse, in Sall's view, the nation's largest environmental organizations are scarcely voicing opposition. Their silence leaves the conservancy and a smattering of other small environmental organizations nearly alone in opposing energy development across 33,000 square miles of desert land...
Tina writes:
...The local environmentalists tell us all we need to know about major environmentalist groups. Appropriately, locals call the national groups “Gang Green” — and they do seem to bully littler environmentalists around. Gang Green says it’s willing to “sacrifice the desert to save the world” — i.e. preserving the desert should take a back seat to halting the effects of climate change — but it also just so happens that grants for projects focusing on climate change and energy have become the top-two funded issues in environmental philanthropy. Major groups like the Sierra Club flat-out can’t afford to care about the desert. They have to remain inviting to major foundations...
The irony is just too delicious.  And the ol' hypocrisy meter is working overtime:
And in our neighbor to the north...Viewscape, anyone? At, "It'll look better once the grass grows in and they fix the drainage issue":

As Greedy says, "What comes around can go around..."

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