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Reptile dysfunction

...Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson says the federal government is suffering from “reptile dysfunction.”
As the local paper, The Gonzales Cannon, noted, Patterson has declared that Texas will sue the federal government if it lists the [Dunes Sagebrush] lizard and other previously-unheard-of species on the Endangered Species List, thereby limiting development of West Texas land for oil, gas and heavy-metals exploitation and production.
Speaking at Faye Hardin’s “Insight USA” conference in Lubbock, Texas, on March 29, Texas Senate Republican candidate Ted Cruz seized on the issue as well, saying that in Texas, “we talk more about that lizard than the Geico lizard.” He said, “That’s our lizard,” quickly adding, “They make darn fine boots”...
Definitely read the whole column.
And on a related note, why don't we hear more about cogeneration?  I'll tell you why—because it's a viable technology that's based on—gasp!—natural gas.

Anyone for dining in the dark on delta smelt whilst shod in lizard boots?

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