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"He said, she said" in Newfield...

...or maybe it's "he said, they said."  Anyway, we were reminded of why the name of this blog is One of Nine—there are nine towns in the county (we won't even mention the little town on the big lake) and something seems to be rotten in the town of Newfield:

The Newfield Town Board has asked the state comptroller to audit and investigate the town's finances after three members found what they believe are several inaccuracies and unmet financial obligations.
A letter signed by board members Jeffrey Hart, Roy Trask Jr. and Christine Laughlin was approved at the board's Dec. 8 meeting. Among problems, their letter said, a second-quarter tax report was filed only in November, employee withholding taxes were not paid properly, a water district tax was not assessed, the town's worker's compensation insurance company was changed without board consent or a proper bid, and financial records were in disarray. In addition, certain state-required reports have not been filed, and budget deadlines were not met. They blame Supervisor Richard Driscoll...
And thereby hangs a tale...stay tuned.
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