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More than just a losing crap shoot

This is really a very thoughtful cartoon on a lot of levels...there is no "green" on a roulette wheel...there is a roulette wheel...Obama's betting it all..."investments" is in quotes.

Ah.  Maybe that's the key.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu not only has the gall to lecture us on light bulbs as one of our moral and intellectual superiors in the Obama administration, he also expects us to believe this:

...that he was unaware of predictions by DOE staffers in 2009, before the Solyndra loan was finalized, that the company was likely to face severe cash-flow problems in the future...

...[that] Solyndra’s demise [was due to] the “unanticipated” deterioration of the solar-panel market over the past several years...

...that “political considerations” had [no] influence on the DOE’s decisions regarding Solyndra...

...[that] he had “just learned” about this [the postponement of the announcement of layoffs of Solyndra employees until after the 2010 midterm elections], and insisted that “no pressure” was exerted by the DOE to convince Solyndra to postpone the layoffs...

There's more.  Read the whole thing.

Can you imagine the caterwauling if this had happened—I was going to say in a Republican administration, but really, in any administration prior to the current one?

When is the light bulb going to come on?

h/t Tom


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