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NY-09 Goes Republican For the First Time Since 1922

At Red State via The Looking Spoon:

....I’ve long said these special elections in New York really are not meaningful at a national level. They’ve served to highlight the incompetence of the New York GOP more than the failures of the national GOP. But in this race, you had a highly competent Democratic Party and union organizers on the ground turning out the vote and they lost. And the most consistent reason through multiple polling is a very simple reason — even Democrats now hate Barack Obama’s job performance...

The snarky but accurate comment above re: the New York GOP notwithstanding, I do like this:

And via the Lonely Conservative, Michael Barone says that Bob Turner's victory is a "stunning repudiation of Chuck Schumer."

I got rhythm,

I got music,

I got Turner

Who could ask for anything more?


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